Christian Theocracy only works in a personal relationship with Christ. It means when I submit myself to Christ & allow Christ to govern my life in a relationship with Him through reading & trusting the Bible & prayer. Can never work with government or law.

1) Theocracy between God and Man.

A. Is abiding in a personal relationship with God being the head.

2) Theocracy in Marriage.

A. Christ being the Head, followed by man, then the woman.

3) Theocracy in Church Government.

A. Christ the Head, to the senior pastor, then to the assistant pastor etc.

4) Theocracy in Abiding and Freewill.

A. Theocracy is based God’s love for us and us abiding with Christ.

B. God as Supreme Being, directly rules over a person who chooses (free moral agent) to serve God and have fellowship with God through His Son and will humble themselves before God.

C. And this Theocracy is conditional and a voluntary (freewill) (if – 1595 KJV) covenant.

If any of these 4 views of theocracy are not followed you will have division.

Calvary Chapels are a theocracy. This means that the church is governed by God and His word first, then the senior pastors being guided by God leads the church. Pastor Chuck Smith created a wonderful book called “Philosophy of Ministry” to explain how a Calvary Chapel church government is to be set established.

When the church removes Christ, the Bible, prayer and the purpose of the church to mature others (Eph. 4:11-13), the church loses its purpose and love which is Theocracy theology (personal relationship) and can become a Liberal / Liberation (political rebellion) Theology which is a progressive (socialist) world view.