Our statement is simple, Built4Life is a ministry to give personal care and help to Senior Pastors, Pastors, Leaders and churches.

There are so many pastors that have nowhere to turn, somebody to talk with, to encourage them, to give them a friend, an ear to hear if they need help in a difficult time in their lives.

Today there are millions of pastors or leaders of churches who have absolutely no training in the bible or in biblical theology and so they struggle to teach the word of God to the church. And then there are Christian leaders of house churches or Bible study groups who also have no training in God’s Word or the Christian faith. So when you add up all the total of untrained pastors, the numbers are staggering.
— Woodrow Kroll

How Built4Life Builds YOU Up

Built4Life provides help to strengthen and training to pastors in any area that they may need or want assistance; to teach, to lead, discipleship, study and serve in the church or in the local community.

We can travel to you or we are just a simple phone call away.

• We can come alongside to aid Senior Pastors, to help them build great leaderships and ministries,

• Do you want help or just needs a listening ear or encouragement.

• Built4Life serves the pastors and encourages to remind what is the purpose of the call to ministry.

• Give answers to tough questions that will encourage Pastors or leaders so that you will continue to grow in your walk with our Lord.

• Reach out to pastoral marriages and families with resources to help them grow in their relationship with Christ.

• B4L can visit and do what needs to be done to allow the Senior Pastor to be blessed and to be encouraged and refocused to do great ministry again.

• Let you know about recourses, books, study books and insight on how to teach leadership and how to do discipleship with your church or group.

• Teach Philosophy of Ministry and the theological views of Calvary Chapel from the view of historical Christianity.

• Teach apologetics on what the cults believe so that the churches can teach others on what cults believe and have effective answers and questions that challenge these cultists.

Many Christians in communities and countries in their desire to grow to full maturity in Christ are challenged by cults. When it comes to the cults, without training, become easy targets, are deceived and become easy prey to these deceivers of the word.
— Built4life


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