A. What do we have in common?

1. The key to pre-evangelism is finding things out you have in common with your JW friend.

2. Always remember to build relationships with your JW friend.

Remember we are witnessing to Jehovah Witnesses, find theological worldviews that you both have in common or that the both of you can agree upon. Both CHRISTIANS and JW’s disagree with Mormons or even some theological views of Catholics.

GREAT QUESTION - When dealing with a cultist: The first question I ask is, “if you found out that your belief was not true, would you stay in your religion?”

B. If they answer yes, they are open to new truth, if they answer no, then just plant seeds so then they will be open to meet again one day.


The fact that the Logos refers to a personality is evident from the demonstrative pronoun houtos, translated “the same,” with which the second verse begins. 

  1. Correct Greek translation.

It is in the masculine singular, the correct translation of which is “this person,” not “this idea,” or “this thing.” If it were something impersonal, it would be touto, “this thing.” The Logos, then, is a personality.

Jesus Christ was not merely “a” logos but “the” Logos. He was the Intelligence behind everything that was created. He is the Person responsible for the creation of the world. 

That is why the definite article is used before the word Logos. He is the Master Mind of all creation, so to speak. Let us never make the mistake of classifying Jesus Christ as one of many intelligences or as one of many spirits. 

He is the Intelligence, the Reason, the Spirit, above, beyond and responsible for all creation. He is “the” Logos. There can be no one like Him. He is absolutely unique.

B. Now the question is, where did this interpretation come from, with the little (g) and the big (G)?

1. In the Kingdom Interlinear, the Translation of the Greek Scriptures translated the text this way; 1:1 - and god was the word.

2. Yet the translation from the Kingdom Interlinear to the NWT translates it “a god.”


3. And where did the JW’s get their translation from? “Johannes Greber.”


4. And who was Johannes Greber? - (1874–1944) born in Wenigerath, Germany, was ordained a Catholic priest who later became a medium and involved in a variety of spiritualist activities.

In 1923, he attended a séance and his life was changed. He renounced his vows and left the Catholic church. He emigrated to the USA in 1929 and began prayer and healing sessions in New York.

He later worked on a translation of the New Testament, publishing ‘’The New Testament, A New Translation and Explanation Based on the Oldest Manuscripts’’ (1937).

He claimed supernatural guidance as he translated with his wife acting as a medium, to the point that the text he translated.

“In the rare instances in which a text pronounced correct by the divine sprits can be found in none of the manuscripts available today, I have the text as given by the spirits.”



In Isaiah 42:8 - I am the Lord, that is My name; And My glory I will not give to another, Nor My praise to carved images.

A. Because God said, He will not give His glory with anyone.

1. Jehovah will not share His glory or worship with anyone.

B. And what are His glories that He will not give or share with anyone else?

1. No other Savior.                         Isaiah 43:11, 45:21-22

2. No other God.                             43:10, 45:5, 46:9

3. Forgive sin.                                   43:25-26

4. First and the Last.                         44:6

5. No other rock.                            44:8

6. Only creator.                               44:24, 45:6-7, 45:18

7. Will not share His glory?            42:8

C. Who is our only Savior?

                   1. Turn to Philippians 3:20. 

D. Why is Jesus then the Savior?

         D. Who is our only God?                                  1 John 5:20

         E. Who forgives sin?                                         Luke 5:17-20

         F. Who is the First and the Last?                      Rev. 22:12-16

         G. Who is the only rock?                                  1stCor. 10:4

         H. Who is the only creator?                             John 1:3, Col. 1:16

         I. Who is only one to be worship?                    Hebrews 1:6, John 20

Are Jehovah Witnesses Polytheist or Monotheist? JW’s will define themselves as Monotheist (belief in one personal God). Make sure JW’s know what are the seven define the seven (7) worldviews.

So the question is; if a JW’s defines Jesus as a little god (g) in John 1:1 saying that “Jehovah is the Almighty God and Jesus is a (small g) mighty god?”

Then the question to ask next is “if that makes two different God’s, are you a Polytheist (belief in many gods)?


A. Attributes given to God alone.

1. Only God is eternal.

2. Only God knows His thoughts.

3. Only God can be in more then one place.

4. Only God can be in more then one person at a time.

B. The Holy Spirit is called God.                 Acts 5:1-4

1. Lied to God.                                       Verse 4

2. We can see the Holy Spirit at creation.  Genesis 1:1-2

3. The Holy Spirit in more then one activity.        John 16:7-11

4. The Holy Spirit is in every person.          John 16:8

a. Only God can be in more then one place at a time.

5. You can only blaspheming God.              Matthew 12:31-32

6. Insult or despite the Holy Spirit.                        Hebrews 10:29

Dr. Guy Duffield - It is the office of the Holy Spirit to present the saving work of Jesus Christ to the unsaved.
When we refuse to accept Jesus, we are really insulting the love of God, manifested in His grace, and my need for salvation and my need to saved or to believe that Christ can save.
So to resist the Holy Spirit is to insult the Godhead and cut off all hope for salvation.


A. JW’s claim they do more than anyone to proclaim the kingdom?

1. Turn them to Luke 18:9-14 and read

2. Who is justified?

a. The boaster of works, 

b. Or the one that believes by faith?

XIII. THE NAME JEHOVAH - Origin of the name Jehovah.

A. Jehovah is a Latinization of the Hebrew name YHWH.

  1. Watchtower Magazine - “The Divine Name That Will Endure Forever

The name Jehovah is not a Greek or Hebrew word; it is a Latin word. Old Testament Hebrews did not speak Latin.
The Jehovah’s witnesses are wrong when they say Jehovah is God’s original name. Nobody has any Hebrew ancient manuscripts to prove this point.