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To become a more effective pastor and leader and to increase your leadership and the leadership capacity of others, you need to prepare yourself and then disciple others to serve in today’s challenging times in ministry and the life of the church.

If these qualities are in you, you will be a very effective minister of the gospel. 

1) Be inspired –Who is the pastor or leader inspires you to do great things for God. Who holds you accountable? You need to find this type of leader, ask him what books he loves to read, than you go buy these books and get inspired.

2) Have passion -Once we have been inspired by God it lights a flame in us, this passion allows us to go in the right direction. 

3) Have vision –Open to the will of God, He gives us gifts, it allows us to know our calling, we understand the vision of our pastor and we have the passion to follow through with this vision. 

4) Have purpose –There is a reason we do what we do. We recognize our calling and now we can set goals. Once we have passion, vision and purpose we start to surround ourselves with men that are likeminded,

5) Inspire others– Now as we have these 4 qualities in us, we start to multiply ourselves on the vision that we have received, we start to disciple how we have been taught and what to accomplish the same goal of raising up the same type of men that have taught us.

We start putting these things we are learning to practice, and we will accomplish what God has called us to do.

Be inspired • Have passion • Have vision • Have purpose • Inspire others