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What makes for lasting and successful ministry? What makes for failure in ministry that is not easily seen? What make pastors and leaders want to change direction and friendships right in the middle of their ministry? 

Yet if any from the list are not followed, it will divide you from your calling and from the pastors and leaders that have allowed you to grow and mature in your CHRISTIAN walk and who have helped you grow in ministry. 

1) Our Love for God.

2) Our Love for His Word.

3) Our Love for Truth.

4) Our Love to Teach Truth.

5) Our Love in our Marriage. 

6) Our Love for Sound Doctrine.

7) Our Love for Each Other.

 8) Our Love for the Brethren. 

 9) Our Love for Fellowship with Brethren. 

 10) Our Love for Discernment

 11) Our Love for Accountability to our Pastors. 

When you reject one of these it will make you not want to be in unity or fellowship with those who have blessed you and who have built you up.