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To become a more effective minister and to increase your leadership capacity, you need to be prepared to lead in today’s challenging times. If these qualities are in you, you will be a very effective minister of the gospel.
1) Be inspired - who inspires you to do great things for God. who holds you accountable?
2) Have passion - Once we have been inspired by God it lights a flame in us.
3) Have vision – Open to the will of God, He gives us gifts, it allows us to know our calling.
4) Have purpose – There is a reason we do what we do. We are growing and recognize our calling and set goals.
5) Inspire others – Now as we have these 4 qualities in us, we start to pass on the vision we have received, we disciple how we have been taught. We start putting the things we are learning to practice.
— Built4life


Pastor David is the president of Built4Life Ministry and Leadership.

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David with his beautiful wife Terri.

We need to be united in our beliefs in ministry to be effective and to not allow denominations, traditions, philosophies and wonderful books to affect our doctrine and what we believe.
— Built4life